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    being ungrateful I am sure I am not ungrateful No one ever said I

    David Copperfield

    ‘To Canterbury In fact, my dear Copperfield, I have entered

    same trees as the shining oak floor, and the great beams in the

    corners This gave my aunt such unspeakable satisfaction, that I

    ‘I wish it was Money, sir,’ said Mr Barkis

    have walked, at various times, a hundred miles in her uncertainty

    perfumer’s shop, and wants to buy a bottle of the Madagascar

    ‘Is he coming up from Oxford?’

    ‘Well, ma’am, have you got anything to remark?’

    That was all

    considered it without finally showing it to our niece, and

    Charles Dickens ElecBook Classics

    ‘Which was injudicious, Trot,’ said my aunt, ‘but well meant

    contracted would be lost upon the guests, and where her retiring

    jacket, and a pair of such very stiff trousers that they would have

    comin’ home, I puts the light in the winder That, you see,’ said

    wanted to go there as often as I could The proposed tea-drinkings

    light of our pure childhood, which I always saw encircling her

    looked round at me, she came back again to have another laugh

    until I could hardly bear it In the drawing-room, there was the

    might not be disturbed at an unseasonable hour, did not improve

    go to bed!’

    sorrows until I could hardly keep my tears back; then to take away

    I placed implicit faith in this last statement, when I marked the

    pony’s nostrils, and immediately covering them with his hand, as if

    some mushroom ketchup in a little saucepan When we had slices

    candle, and the doors of our house were—almost cruelly, it

    environed by wild beasts might dream of lions


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